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Although having a series of friendly dates is the normal starting point in the Filipino way of courting, this may also begin through the process of "teasing", a process of "pairing off" a potential teenage or adult couple.The teasing is done by peers or friends of the couple being matched.In college, my friends poured over brochures at the end of sophomore year trying to decide whether to opt for Spain, a decision that would most likely include sangria, dancing and all-night parties, or France, a refined alternative with brie, champagne, literature and the Eiffel Tower.While the reason to study 4,000 miles from home was was part "education" and part world experience, many pupils would inevitably return stateside and tell tales of all-nighters, crazy experiences in a far-away land and a dating experience with a foreign gentleman.

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I never expected my ex's mother would fathom telling him I would never make a good wife because I don't cook or clean well enough.It is important to note that both of the men I refer to in this piece are Jewish.I believe having that commonality makes things a bit easier.The man in question lived in the same apartment building and I promised my friends there was no way I would conceive of dating someone in my building (I already learned that lesson long ago) or someone who wasn't Israeli, because I was convinced that was the best way to improve my Hebrew.Nevertheless, nothing would stop the fact that after a long night of dancing to 1950s and '60s American rock and roll at a nearby dance club (clearly something that would never go over well in the States), I found myself hanging out in his apartment, making schnitzel at 4 in the morning and listening to the Doors as the sun came up.

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