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“This will be the kind of Vegas show that no one has seen in 50 years. from Connecticut not really having been on the freeway before.That’s what really is at the core of this, and it really took Steve Wynn, who knows the music, to bring it to the stage in Vegas.” Mac Farlane recalls being in “culture shock” when first visiting here. It was intimidating, but I do remember classic Vegas.

Viewing the city’s history outside in, Mac Farlane says.But even as Loeb is not onstage, his impact is felt.“Dave is so great, he really is,” Mac Farlane says. He has the same appreciation for this type of music as I do.” Mac Farlane declined to give away any of this weekend’s run order but says of the 75-minute production: “It really is supposed to be covering all colors.“It really all combined to make something very unique, and it still remains unique.” In a surprise to many of the fans who know Mac Farlane from his TV series, including “Family Guy” and “American Dad” and his “Ted” films, his aptitude in this format is astonishing.Mac Farlane helped helm “Sinatra 100: An All-Star Grammy Concert” celebrating Sinatra’s 100th birthday last December.

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