Live updating election results

There has been speculation the Af D could do even better than polls suggest because of Germans keeping their support for the party secret.One survey commissioned by the tabloid newspaper Bild suggested 40 per cent of Germans believe the party will do better than expected.I am definitely not afraid of that.” First time voter Henry, 18, said his school had organised plenty of debates and sessions before the vote with local politicians coming in to talk to students.

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Jens Birkholz, 56, is an Af D supporter who says he has always voted for nationalist parties in Germany.

He hopes the Af D will receive more than 10 per cent of the votes: "This is an important day for Germany. We won't know whether high or low turnout is better for the Government or insurgent parties until the votes are actually counted – the Af D could be inspiring people who don't normally vote to turn out, or other Germans could be turning out to stop them.

A strong showing for the far-right Af D party in the German elections may be contained by a surge in liberal urban voters turning out to stop them, early indications suggest.

Parties would need 343 seats to get a majority in a Bundestag of this size – the parliament actually varies in size each session because of the proportional 'top up' electoral system that Germany uses to elect it.

However, a so-called 'Jamaica Coalition' of the CDU/CSU, the liberal FDP, and the Greens - named for the colours of the country's flag - would give her enough seats.

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